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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

It might just be a case of the Tuesdays

A good friend/partner-in-crime just finished telling me all about his weekend:

Friday- Drunk.

Saturday- Stoned. And Drunk.

Sunday- Wired. And Drunk. And then Stoned.

A different sketchy friend told me all about his weekend when bailing out on an invitation to a private SFU finale screening:

Friday- Drunk. And Stoned.

Saturday- Drunk. Stoned. Drunk again. [Random call from 22 y.o. Russian plaything.] Rolling. Stoned.

Sunday- Stoned. ["What time is it? Six-thirty? For real? Dude, I didn't get to sleep until 9:30 this morning. Do you have any vicodin at your place?"] Hydrocodoned.

If I'm not mistaken I left my apartment for a grand total of 75 minutes from Friday night through Sunday and ingested a grand total of one Pacifico during that span. Although I envy their level of activity, I certainly don't want that existence. I really truly don't. There must be a happy medium, right? There has to be. When you subsist in a world of extremes how do you avoid the all-or-nothing, binary, zero-sum existence and simply enhance your every day.

Well, I'm all ears.

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