Incidental Acts of Spontaneous Cerebral Violence

Sunday, April 30, 2006

More than a bit disquieting

Throughout my current six month stretch of semi-voluntary unemployment, the only thing consistently motivating me to leave the house is my daily yoga class. As a result, I'm not quite confident in my ability to undertake a seamless reentry into civilized society. At least my body's tanned, rested & ready...

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Fuck me. What the hell happened to the last twenty years?

The above is my blurb from Mrs. Kennedy's links. I was going to write something wonderfully pithy about how depressing it is that someone I've never met did such a masterful job encapsulating my essence in only eleven words, but, as it turns out, it came straight from the horse's mouth.

All this transpired, mind you, when I found a link to a nice article about my old pal Mrs. K, which prompted me to check and see whether she had euthanized my link. When it comes to my existence, I guess Mrs. K is a tad more of an optimist than I. And for that, all I can say is

Thank you.

Sometimes it really is just the little things.

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