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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

At least Rush Limbaugh relishes his prickdom

"Reason #67 why Michael Medved is an unmitigated asshole"

Critics have no right to play spoiler

Excerpted from Roger Ebert's discussion of "Million Dollar Baby":
The decision of Maggie and her trainer is not a surprise to the readers or listeners of two right-wing commentators, Michael Medved and Rush Limbaugh. They have revealed every secret of the plot. Limbaugh even chortled as he "apologized" for an earlier broadcast. Just as the movie was opening, Medved appeared on Pat Robertson's "700 Club" to describe the plot in great detail. The outcome of the movie does not match their beliefs. They object to it. That is their right. To engage in a campaign to harm the movie for those who may not agree with them is another matter.
Medved feels moviegoers deserved to know what the movie is about, and that critics have been dishonest in not telling them. Medved has for a long time been a political commentator, not a movie critic, but he must remember from his earlier days that moviegoers do NOT want to be informed of key plot surprises, and write enraged letters to critics who violate this code. He says the studio concealed the ending because "no one would come" if they knew how it turned out. In fact, the movie is a great success because of word-of-mouth praise from people who have admired it and urged others to attend.
WARNING: Do NOT read Ebert's complete essay until you've seen the movie. (Yes Virginia, it is outstanding; right up there with my favorite movies of 2004.)

And, almost as important, please disregard any "movie reviews" offered up by born-again neoconservative commentators who use their own brand of self-righteous, judgmental, morally superior orthodox judaism as the impetus for their criticism.

Hell, Medved was a pathetic movie critic even when he was a "liberal."

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