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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Reflections upon Rob Lowe, Snow White & "Proud Mary"

I have a gift, you see. Not anything particularly worthwhile, but a gift nonetheless. It impresses some, alienates others and generally is met with open disinterest. Over the years, to a not negligible degree, I have benefitted materially from my gift. It provides a sense of calm; that serene feeling one gets with certainty and the knowledge that no matter what, I always have this to fall back upon. All of my other talents, abilities and strengths may fade, however this one will survive until my dying days.

You see, I have a knack for picking the Oscars™. I've won many contests. Annually, I amaze and/or annoy all who are fortunate enough to watch them in my company.

And, last night, I saw the movie that, come February, will take home the little guy for, at least, Best Picture and Best Director. Now, it's not the best movie I've seen all year. Nor is it the most interesting film of the year. But it will be a worthy winner nonetheless. Certainly more worthy than several recent winners.

Given that the Academy is dying to present The Big Man with a little gold man (thank god they did not succeed in 2002), this is the movie that (deservedly) will do it.

And unlike this picture, it doesn't all come down to Marty. (I do wonder, however, whether the picture would have been as successful with Michael Mann at the helm.) "The Aviator" is a damn good movie on its own. Period. It will more than justify all of the many accolades to come. And, trust me, there will be accolades aplenty.

P.S. -- Although Leo's not going to win the Oscar™ (Jamie Foxx -- 'nuff said), he will (and should) receive a nomination. He delivers a strong, nuanced, multi-faceted performance that helps the audience get beyond the caricaturesque myth of Howard Hughes to an understanding of what really defined the man: in, business, in Hollywood, in the bedroom, in the sky, and in his disturbed mind.

P.P.S. -- Depending on the nominations (multiple nods for the same picture can be deadly), Cate Blanchett will win Best Supporting Actress for her amazing portrayal of Kate Hepburn. She takes an American icon out of the realm of cliche and into a remarkable place of empathy and genuine feeling.

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