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Monday, November 22, 2004

LOL line from The Sports Guy

“Random Thoughts From The Pacers-Pistons Fight”
12. Underrated moment of the night: Jim Gray's one report where his voice started inexplicably quivering ... someone on the SOSH message board compared it to Michael Jackson breaking down at the end of the "She's Out of My Life." And this was the same man who interviewed Mike Tyson after the second Holyfield fight! How could he be rattled by this melee? By the way, the way his career is going, I'm surprised Jim Gray wasn't on hand when Jack Ruby shot Oswald and O.J. was first introduced to Nicole. He's like the Zelig of horrible incidents.
Unfortunately, I changed the channel from the game with about three minutes to go. Fortunately, I flipped past ESPN just in time to see an inexplicably emotional Jim Gray melt down as if he was the lone survivor of a nuclear detonation. Truly compelling television at its best.

And for the weekend, only topped by Buster’s mistaking Santa Ana, California for Enconta, Mexico in terms of pure hilarity.

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