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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Season Finale

Now that the 24-hour cooling off period/moratorium has elapsed, I have this to say about the “Six Feet Under” fourth season finale:

At 9:53 pm, I looked at the clock on my cable box and said, “There’s no fucking way they are going to be able to tie this all up in seven minutes. I can’t believe they are going to stick us with some shitty unresolved cliffhanger.”

Well, folks, I was wrong. Dead. Solid. Wrong. Alan Ball (who, along with Alan Poul, should never be permitted to direct another episode again. Period.) & Co. abruptly tied a pretty red bow around the Fishers, the Chenowiths and the Diazes and now the rotting corpse of their former masterpiece will lie in a state of rigor mortis for the next nine months.

Disappointment from something (or someone) you count on as a gimme is just a bummer.

At least there was one authentic and moving moment--David and Elevator Man’s ex-wife's discussion about how love truly does remain in one’s heart, long surviving the literal death of the relationship.

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