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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Nothing says true love like knocking boots to "Sussudio"

Britney Really Married...Still

Saturday's ceremony, while having the appearance of another quickie ceremony, was planned right down to the post-wedding "Pimp" sweat suits worn by Federline and his groomsmen.

In People, Spears called the service "my fairy-tale dream."

In the magazine, the couple dished on every detail of their weekend, from their pre-wedding night--they stayed at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel, lit candles and played Phil Collins' greatest hits--to their actual wedding night--they stayed at the Hotel Bel-Air, lit candles and jumped into a bed covered with rose petals.

Said the gentleman Federline of his and Spears' first evening as a wedded couple: "It was great--all night."
Actually, I have the distinct memory of either "Aqualung" or "Freebird" being played at my stepbrother's wedding.

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