Incidental Acts of Spontaneous Cerebral Violence

Monday, September 06, 2004

My last day in NYC *sniffle* *sniffle* *tear* *tear*

The sounds you hear in the background are the somewhat muffled coughs of those wonderful people who agreed to hang out with me on my final evening in New York, despite various physical ailments strongly suggesting their immediate removal from society and possible quarantine. However, they gamely soldiered onward to truly make my final evening an eventful, rewarding, fun, friend-filled time.

As for NYC, I will provide much more detailed (and multi-post) entries describing those bits in a level of detail that will still get around my (albeit extremely liberal) firewall at work.

If you are looking for a nice accurate narration of my trip to Scores with the wonderful RKB, check out her summary right here. It's damn accurate, including how much we really enjoyed the English stripper and the girl in the glasses. It's very self-affirming when you share pretty similar taste with an expert in all that is erotica and pornography and who loves women just as much as you do.

As for the wedding . . . as much as I dreaded running into family and friends-of-the-family who I haven't seen in years (thus leading to the same inevitable answers to the same inevitable lines of inquiry: still single, no one particularly special; work for studio; baby sit movies; new apartment, just south of hollywood; yes, wake up to the hollywood sign every morning; (ex-) roomie movied into a great little house in the hills with her now current fiancee; still like LA, most of the time; still don't meet enough decent women; not moving to Chicago ever; NY or London are always possible, but no plans at present; car is still wonderful, thanks for asking; yes, i did put the kerry-edwards bumper sticker on the car; and, no, i haven't seen "Passion of the Christ"), I had a remarkably great time at a remarkably sweet, genuine and picturesque wedding. The bride looked stunning and my brother even shed a tear or two. This was one best man who clearly was unable to remain his completely staid self throughout this day.

Oh, yeah . . . for all of those people who may think they saw me kiss a bridesmaid on the dancefloor, relish the memory . . . it was an alcoholically-induced momentary lapse of protocol on my part that will never happen again. But I will thank the bride and groom for introducing us.

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