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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The magnifico rack comes to my hometown

Found on page 4 of today's LA Times food section [tip via ES]:
A (sic) anonymous non-food blogger who takes the moniker "eurotrash" and the persona of a wild and foul-mouthed girl on the town is a Tama Janowitz for the new millennium. Her (his?) rantings on New York Times food writer Amanda Hesser are as unfair as they are hilarious. This is the blog wilderness, defined by its distaste for mainstream journalism: The niceties do not apply here.
I'm loving that Laurie Winer doubts the sincerity of ET's self-descriptions.

For your reference---

Here's a link to the Hesser piece in question.

And here's Tama "Slaves of New York" Janowitz:

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