Incidental Acts of Spontaneous Cerebral Violence

Monday, September 20, 2004

Another Bot Crushed™

sac strikes a major blow for all humankind ---- tmftml has zipped up his pants and is heading for home:
This blog has sucked lately, and our heart hasn't been in it. (We've been too busy writing slash fiction about that guy in the red pants from The Apprentice.) As our friend herself admitted, we've had a good run. We are deeply appreciative of all the people we've come into contact with as a result of this blog, even that guy who always posts comments like, "Not funny" or "Don't get it." (Us either, pal.) But we hate to continually disappoint so many of you with substandard service, so we are seriously considering hanging it up. We are, at the very least, taking a looooong hiatus, in hopes that this time our frequent attempts at retirement are somewhat more successful. We'll leave the links up (from what we understand, that's what most of you come here for in the first place), and if something really fascinating occurs (read: Alessandra Stanley/Virginia Heffernan cage match) we'll pop back up, but in all likelihood, this is goodbye. It's been a pleasure, kids. Do a shot for us.
Although the fucker never linked to me, he still made for a good read now and again. That said, grand announcements of one's blogging retirement are a tad overly masturbatory for my taste. Just shut the hell up and go away; most of the audience will figure it out after a year or two goes by without any posts.

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