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Monday, August 09, 2004

You know, you could have told me on Friday after I asked you when your classes started

Reading today's Page Six I came across this item:
A NEW day is dawning at Editor Choire Sicha is leaving his post at the helm of the widely read blog because, "I got kicked upstairs," Sicha sighed to PAGE SIX. He'll now oversee all of Nick Denton's Web sites, including Gawker, Defamer, Wonkette and Fleshbot. A new Gawker editor will be announced today. Meanwhile, in other media news, Us Weekly news director Mark Malkin is leaving his post and New York for the L.A. headquarters of "The Insider." Malkin will be a supervising producer and on-air contributor for the show. He leaves in three weeks for the sunnier coast.
No huge deal, right. Choire'll be missed and all that jazz, but I was mostly interested to know who they snagged to replace him. So I went to Gawker and found this blurb:
First, the 411: your new Gawker editor will be... drumroll please... Jessica Coen.

Wha? Who?

Exactly. There'll be more info about Jessica shortly -- but suffice it to say for now that she's got a killer rack.

I think she can write okay, too. Crap, I knew I forgot to ask her something.

Okay, a quick story about Jessica:

Jessica spent some recent time in Los Angeles, working at a Major Studio Which Will Remain Unnamed (for now), and then moved to New York City to attend Columbia Journalism School and perfect her drinking techniques. When I heard that, I knew I had to do something. First Los Angeles, now the hideousness of J-school?

I'd been on the search for a new editor for Gawker for a while, so I convinced her to drop out and become our slave. Oh, if I could, I'd rescue all the children from the evil slaveship of J-School dean Nicholas Lemann. But I'll have to start with just Jessica.
Talk about a shock to the system on a Monday morning. Jess? Running Gawker? Skipping Columbia? After several re-readings and a confirmatory im chat, I realized that the drugs from last night were not affecting my comprehension and that, indeed, my pal Jessica will be the new editor of Gawker starting next Monday.

That's actually some big fucking news. Congrats, J. Good luck. Hide your valuables and don't take any shit.

Oh, and if anyone wants dirt, I am happy to confirm--

her rack is pretty great. And so is she . . .

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