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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I’m not exactly sure why Primetime’s return excites me so much

Ravens save Deion a spot
The Baltimore Ravens are excited about the prospect of having Deion Sanders come out of retirement and be a part of their defensive backfield. The question now is: Will he take them up on their offer?

The Ravens have told Sanders that if he wants to end his retirement of three years, he would be welcome to join the team. Sanders is working out at his Dallas home in an effort to determine if his 37-year-old body can take the punishment of playing in the NFL.

A seven-time Pro Bowl performer, Sanders was one of the league's most electrifying performers during most of his 12-year career. In addition to defining the term "shut-down" corner, he occasionally played on offense and also returned kickoffs and punts. His resume includes 18 touchdowns.

Early in his career, Sanders excelled on two fronts, becoming the only professional athlete to play in both the Super Bowl (with the 49ers in '94 and Cowboys in '95) and the World Series (Braves, '92). As a Braves outfielder and a cornerback for the Falcons, Sanders was also the only pro athlete ever to hit a home run and score a touchdown within a seven-day span. The owner of 48 career interceptions, Sanders is the only player in Super Bowl history to have both an interception and a pass reception.
On spring break ten years ago, a friend and I ran into Michael Irvin & posse at a Miami bowling alley. He was incredibly gracious and fun, buying us a few drinks and chatting for at least an hour. At one point I asked him to name the best DB in the NFL. He turned directly toward me, looked me square in the eyes and with absolute gravity said: “Deion. It’s not even fucking close, buddy.” Yep, the answer I wanted & needed to hear.

I guess it’s time to pull my authentic #21 Atlanta Falcons jersey out of the back of my closet.

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