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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I generally root for my native land, but this is simply ridiculous

From via AP:
COLOGNE, Germany -- The U.S. men's Olympic team did more than merely lose. It was embarrassed and exposed like never before in international competition.

Losing an exhibition game for the first time when using NBA players, the Americans were completely outclassed by lightly regarded Italy, never even making it close in the fourth quarter of a 95-78 upset Tuesday.

The Americans were sloppy with the ball and couldn't handle Italy's zone defenses and 3-point shooting. Italy not only made 15 from behind the arc but showed superior ball movement and poise in handing the Americans their most lopsided defeat since pros began competing in 1992.
If I’m not mistaken there is not one Italian currently in the NBA. The fact that our bunch of pituitary superstuds, including the “The Answer”, LeBron, Carmelo and TD, could not defeat the lowly Italians says volumes about the state of “team” basketball in the U.S. On a one-on-one basis, each and every member of the U.S. roster could whip all but five or six (Yao, Nowitzki, Ginobili, Okur, etc.) of the players on any of the various Olympic rosters. However, as a team, we are simply pathetic.

The Lakers had arguably the two top talents in the NBA and were smoked by the Pistons in the finals. Guess what? It could be even worse in the Olympics. The U.S. is 50-0 in Olympic and qualifying games since the 1992 Dream Team (Michael, Magic, Bird, et al.) invaded Barcelona. Do not expect that trend to continue in Athens. In fact, we may be fortunate to medal at all.

Doesn’t it suck when the illusion of dominance and impenetrability comes crashing down all around you? And why does the impending doom of our Olympic men’s basketball team smell like a metaphor for a bigger/more substantial eventuality?

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