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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

One year ago today . . .

was my first day of work at the studio. I cannot begin to fathom how 366 days (leap year, remember) have flown by so quickly. Yet, I am finding it more and more difficult to remember how truly disgruntled I was toward the end of my law firm days and what a saving grace the new gig has been.

I literally have not seen the inside of my office on a weekend. Ever. Until I basically gave up working at the law firm (never told them, just sort of disengaged), Saturdays were the norm and Sundays an all-too-often occurrence. Nowadays, the only time I’m on the lot on a weekend is for a premiere or other special event.

Sure, I’m significantly poorer than I was in the law firm days. Oh, well. We all make adjustments. Dinners at Matsuhisa, Campanile, Spago, Bastide, Sasabune, Patina and Chinois are now special occasions rather than the nightly rule. My attendance at every major concert to blow through Staples is no longer a must. And yes, the Clippers season tickets are a thing of the past. However, the car has gloriously survived. The new apartment is a thing of beauty. And I paid for the TV one month before I quit the firm.

But what I’ve lost materially and monetarily are infinitesimally insignificant when compared to what I’ve gained in terms of free time, peace of mind, friendships, women and yes, even this blog. Being content most of the time sure beats the hell out of being miserable all of the time.

So thanks to all of you who have ridden alongside me not only this past year, but throughout all of my time here in LA. Without your support and friendship, I would not be comfortably sitting here at my desk, avoiding work and typing this overly syrupy, sentimental drivel.

And, no . . . I won’t forget any of you when I’m running this place.

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