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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Friendsters in low, low, low places

I was thinking of doing one of those self-deprecating in its ignorance and oh-so-uncool-that-it's-hip "there's this new thing called Friendster that all the kids are talking about" posts, but what's the fucking point?

It's way too pretentious in a "not having an act is your act" kind of way. So, I'll cut right to it:

I currently have but four friends on Friendster, and one is the only other person on the planet who shares the exact same parents as I. Now, please don't feel sorry for me as a big loser due to this fact (there are plenty of other genuine justifications for your pity). Truth is, I haven't spent much time on Friendster at all. In fact, just this evening I figured out how to re-save the few photos that actually exist of me in an under 500 KB format, thus permitting Friendster uploading.

Since I have now wasted time configuring the damn thing, I've decided to give it a semi-legitimate shot. The photos are done. The profile is next. I promise.

And yes, I know it's passe (he says with a *sigh*). But, given that a certain trusty im partner-in-ennui has more-or-less abandoned me, I can use all the new external stimuli that I can possibly get to fill my days.

So, if you would like to be my friend, just let me know. Either in the comments or use my trusty newish gmail account. And if I only end up with five friends, hell, I'll get over it. At least I know I have a few tangible pals.

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