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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Andrew McCarthy

Preface: I just took a 10 mg Valium on a virtually empty stomach, so if I trail off and make little sense, please forgive me.


I am not a fan of Andrew McCarthy. I've always thought that he is, at best, essentially a shit actor. Yes, I secretly enjoy "Weekend at Bernie's", and yes, I consider "Less Than Zero" the greatest LA-scene movie of all-time. However, all of this is despite his presence, not as a result of it.

And yet, I could not get Andrew McCarthy out of my head on the drive home from this evening's John Kerry fundraiser.

(Pharmaceutical update: the Valium is kicking in. I am not long for this entry or, as a matter of fact, consciousness. I shall try to soldier onward.)

Why was Andrew McCarthy invading my brain after a an evening of solid stand-up and entertaining tunes? Three words: "St. Elmo's Fire".

I have never been a fan of St. Elmo's Fire. It's watchable, sure. But ultimately empty and unrewarding. All of the brat pack women have had finer moments, both artistically and aesthetically. And the guys were just plain annoying.

Except for Andrew McCarthy's Kevin. Yeah, Kevin was whiny and gutless and conceited as hell. He had an unrewarding pseudo-prestigious job and held himself above all of his friends as a result of it. And (the point of all this drivel) he was in love with someone he simply could not have. Not "in love" as in a crush on a friend's girlfriend, think about her naked, satisfied with a pearl-necklace in the shower kind of way. "In love" in that "holy shit" this is it and there can truly be no one else kind of way. Not exactly healthy. Not exactly rational. But certainly understandable.

(Second update: Getting awfully difficult to type. Will never truly be able to finish this. I'll strive for concise simplicity.)

I guess the question ultimately is this: how can one ever truly be satisfied with another when there is someone else tangibly out there in the world who, quite simply, fits. It's not a hierarchy. Nor is it a competition. It's just that first ever piece that, when interwoven with you, appears to create a seamless, unique perfectly distinguished whole.

(Final update: I am beginning to nod off at the keyboard. I have nothing more introspective to write at this moment.)

Political Editorial Freebie:

Get your free Kerry-Edwards Bumper Sticker here. I will actually be defacing my immaculate car with one as a demonstration of my unequivocal support.

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