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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Pure Genius

TV Land Goes On A Frenzy When Classic TV Salutes Final Episode Of Friends

As a fitting tribute to Friends, one of television's most popular and enduring sitcoms, TV Land will go on a complete frenzy and pre-empt regularly scheduled programming to salute the series on Thursday, May 6 -- the night of the finale.

At 9 p.m., for the entire hour that the Friends finale is airing, TV Land will be closed for business. Instead of regularly scheduled programming, viewers tuning in to TV Land will be treated to a room full of TV Land staffers - purportedly watching the Friends finale -- periodically addressing the camera to remind viewers that the Friends finale is on and that we really aren't airing anything so there's no point staying tuned.

The last time TV Land pre-empted programming to pay tribute to a series was in 1998 to salute the finale of Seinfeld. Throughout the entire hour, TV Land aired nothing to salute the show about nothing. The only thing seen on the channel was an image of TV Land's closed office doors accompanied by a note explaining that the network would return after the conclusion of Seinfeld's finale.

[TV Land Online]

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