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Sunday, May 02, 2004

Mean Girls retrospective

Despite the fact that I was explicitly misled (Tina Fey's diminutive bosom was ensconced in a lacy indigo brassiere), "Mean Girls" contained some damn fine (non-exclusive) moments including:

1. Its setting at "North Shore High School" in Chicago's northern suburbs (area code 847 -- obviously Shermer High's sister school);

2. A scene at Old Orchard Shopping Center (where Uch parlayed a University of Michigan diploma into a lucrative Barnes & Noble cafe position);

3. Walker Brothers Pancake House (home of the Apple Pancake) gift certificates;

4. The Janitor;

5. A better-than-average script;

6. A hottie in a halo; and

7. Four Words: Amy Poehler, nipple, chihuahua.

To top it all off, the roomie and I had the great pleasure of sitting next to BIG TIME ARTIST/PRODUCER and his family during the film. They appeared to enjoy it as much as we did.

By the way, if we were slowly melting in LA this weekend, did everyone at Coachella spontaneously combust?

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