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Friday, May 14, 2004

Hey, I have no issue being “The Rebound Guy”

“The Ring 2” is shooting in our parking lot at this very moment. Perhaps I should introduce myself to Naomi . . .

Ledger and Watts Confirm Split
Australian supercouple Heath Ledger and Naomi Watts have officially ended their turbulent on/off romance - and close friends blame the 10-year age gap between them for the split. The 21 Grams beauty's publicist Emma Cooper confirmed the pair had gone their separate ways but refused to comment on the reasons behind their break-up. However, sources close to the couple blame 25-year-old Ledger's wild lifestyle and wandering eye for cooling his 35-year-old belle's affections. And insiders say the Oscar-nominated actress is keen to settle down and start a family, and believes Ledger is not yet ready for such responsibility. Ledger and Watts embarked on a relationship after meeting on the set of Ned Kelly in 2002 but split in September 2003 before reconciling shortly afterwards. In recent weeks Heath has been spotted enjoying the company of rising star Scarlett Johansson and smooching with movie wild child Winona Ryder.

Ah, fuck it; I can’t deal with those mid-30's biological clocks. Alternatively, Heath seems to be doing pretty well for himself.

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