Incidental Acts of Spontaneous Cerebral Violence

Thursday, May 13, 2004


Yep. I have found an apartment. It’s a large 2 bedroom/2 bathroom (visitors encouraged) top-floor unit in a classic Hancock Park building. Although it’s slightly more than I had wanted to pay, I was sold the second I slid open the door, stepped onto the balcony and saw its killer unobstructed view of the Hollywood Hills and the Hollywood Sign. After 2 ½ years of looking out my bedroom window and seeing only a bunch of Persians in various states of undress, I’ve had enough. The building’s heated pool, jacuzzi and fitness room are simply added bonuses. As are the two giant walk-in closets and the working gas fireplace that will share the living room with the TV and home theater. No longer will I ever hesitate to bring a nice intoxicated young lady to my abode.

And even the car is excited: it gets TWO spaces in a garage. No longer will it spend long cold nights on the parking lot that is my current backyard.

Of course there will be melancholy as I pack up my belongings (o.k., o.k. pack up those not already in boxes) and bid adieu to the roomie, however it’s time to move into my own space once again----Indeed, I think I may be growin’ up. Just a little. All right, maybe not so much.

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