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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Sell your soul and credibility to George Lucas and look what you get in return

Scottish actor Ewan McGregor said Tuesday he undertook survival skills training and medical emergency lessons for his next big project -- a round-the-world trip by motorcycle.

The 33-year-old film star will embark on a three-month journey later this week to New York by way of Eastern Europe and the hostile terrain of Mongolia, Siberia and Alaska.

Accompanying him on the 20,000-mile trip to be filmed for a documentary will be his friend Charley Boorman, an actor who is the son of film director John Boorman.

Ewan is so fucking cool. He gets to ditch the wife and kids for three months on the most amazing roadtrip ever.

[As I wistfully look out at the Hollywood Hills]

*sigh* I was Ewan McGregor once. I wish I was still Ewan McGregor. *sigh*
[Full story forthcoming, I promise.]

McGregor to Embark on Global Motorcycle Trip

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