Incidental Acts of Spontaneous Cerebral Violence

Wednesday, March 24, 2004


A little background: I live in Los Angeles. Now, I'm not from Los Angeles (no one is really from LA), but it's where I lay my head when the valium kicks in. And yes, I work for a studio.

I am an eating, drinking, Armani-wearing, BMW convertible-driving cliche. And I hate the fact that it eats my soul and defines me a little more every day. (Of course, I used to work at BIG LAW FIRM; they didn't want my soul - they settled for my entire existence.)

Occasionally, however, there are days at work when I actually feel the redemptive glow that stems from truly experiencing creativity and productivity in action (My god, it's only my fourth blog entry & I've become fucking Tony Robbins). Today was one such day.

My favorite location manager invited me to the first day of shooting "POTENTIALLY GREAT MOVIE" at a key location. Since I had been instrumental in coercing the nice old man who used to live in house to give it to us for a pittance, I felt a keen sense of pride walking throughout the set. They let me sit right next to Cool Director as he called "Action" and watched the video playback. I saw Veteran Leading Man and Ingenue-of-the-Moment interact in an awkward, yet tender father-daughter bedtime scene. It was magical.

I was on the set for over four hours. At best, thirteen seconds of the footage I saw will make it into a theater near you. Fuck yeah, I love the movies!

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