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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The Purple One (and I don't mean Barney)

Unlike the reunited Van Halen (easily my favorite band growing up), Prince ain't no nostalgia act. He surrounds himself with crack musicians --the NPG was tight as hell-- and refuses to simply rehash canned album versions of his hits. Prince is the baddest 5'1" motherfucker (5'4" in his studded stilleto boots) on the planet. Although I will try to keep this from becoming a boring fanboy, circle-jerk review, the show was sooooooo solid that I just can't help myself.

He opened strong with "Musicology," followed immediately by:

"Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life"

and a great "Purple Rain"-era medley. The show remained at that fever pitch through the encore.

I have NEVER heard Staples as loud as it was during this show. True to the build-up, Prince played almost all of his hits (and a bunch that he wrote for others including a stunning "Nothing Compares 2 U").

I won't bore those of you still reading with a set list or any other fanman shit. I will only say that my highlight was the acoustic set during the encore (just Prince and a rhythm guitar) including a stripped-down "Little Red Corvette" and a divine "7" (the full NPG joined up mid-song). Of course, a 10-minute "Purple Rain" closed the show.

By the way, I lied before about my seat location. The roomie (a much bigger Prince fan than I) and I ended up on the floor in the fourth row - 8 feet from the little guy.

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